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Healthy Hair

Strengthening the inner layers of the hair shaft is vital. Managing the outer layer is essential. The process begins with evaluating your hair and scalp. After this, there is a plan developed to decide the best course of action for your hair. Natural or chemically relaxed, Crystal Prince works from a planned course of action. Successful results begin here!

Customer Care

Rendering good customer service is a choice. It is important that every client feels absolutely amazing when she leaves. Given the complex nature of natural hair care, it takes time to repair and style the hair. When straightening the hair, the goal is maximum movement, body, and shine. Precision hair cuts, relaxers, roller sets, blowouts, twist outs, and special occasion styling services are available. Consultations are FREE.

Empowering Women

Knowledge is Power! Informing the customer of the condition of their hair and scalp is a part of the process. Whatever the condition, a plan of action is put into place. Understanding the client's needs, desires, lifestyles and physical health all play a role and a happy client is always the goal.

About Us

We pride ourselves on bringing out the beauty of every client who sits in our chairs, both natural and spiritual it’s never been just about the hair.

We believe that healthy hair begins from the inside out. We have always known that strengthening the inner layers of the hair shaft is vital and that the client's overall physical health is relevant, as well as her lifestyle choices. This all plays a part in reaching a positive result.

We believe the right products used at the right time brings out the maximum movement, body, and shine of the hair. With 30 years of experience, we realized that no one combination works exactly the same on every client; therefore, it is essential to know when to use the correct products to maximize results for the hair.

We believe that cosmetology taking seriously is science. Cosmetic chemistry has expanded our awareness that molecules matter and that for every action there is a reaction. Be it positive or negative there will be a reaction. Our goal is to protect the inner and outer layers of the hair shaft to produce long term positive results.

We believe that rendering good customer service is a choice. It is vital that every client feels absolutely amazing when she leaves. We desire our customers to look good and feel good. We work hard to ensure our customer's time and resources are well spent. The best referral of our customer is to tell their friends and colleagues, and to continue to return over and over again.

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